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Fast and Furry-ous (Chuck Jones, 1949)



Pink-a-rella (Hawley Pratt, 1956)






The wicked witch is stumbling through a rough week. She's out of eye of newt and wool of bat, her broom has lost its bristles, and the Grand Witch has assigned yet another troll-themed reading for

book club, Trollita ...

Deduce, You Say! (Chuck Jones, 1956)



The great detective is transformed into what he truly is at heart: a petulant and arrogant toddler who craves attention and whose inquisitive nature drives people up the wall.

Jane Sherlock lives in her own world.


One in which her mother Margaret is just her housekeeper,

and she and her classmate Joan Watson solve animal-related mysteries

            that have been masterminded by the malevolent professor Moriarty.


                                                  Dave Moriarty, that is, the girls’ English teacher. 

Haredevil Hare (Chuck Jones, 1948)


Every night, a little girl stares out of her bedroom window,

enchanted by the waxing and waning of the moon. 

She is always there in her dreams, but one night she decides to go, for real.

Through the forest, over the mountain, and across the sea, this is the story of her adventure,

for all to see. 

Bad Ol' Putty Tat (Friz Freleng, 1949)

midnight at magritte's

It might be daytime everywhere else,

but it's always midnight

at René Magritte's house.

In the littlest hours,

Magritte and his pet fish Isidoor paint. 


Their dreams float off the canvas and into the house.

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